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  • Connecting to Australia’s most trusted networks
  • tv 5.5X more calls

  • radio 14X more calls

  • print 6X more calls


Phone Words Names and Numbers can work with your existing promotional activities and provide you with better response rates, not just for the term of your campaign, but well into the future.

Allows your business to work from home

Due to the current environment more and more business have been forced to work from home from your mobile phones. 13, 1300 & 1800 words or names or numbers have never been more important.

Television Advertising

Recent case studies in Australia have shown that use of a PhoneWord generated 5 times more calls – that’s an increase of 300%! (Phone Name Marketing Australia, July 2004)

Radio Advertising

Use of a PhoneWord generated 14 times more calls than the same ad using a numeric number. (M.J. Motto Advertising, 1999, USA.)

Printing Advertising

Use of a PhoneWord typically generates 6 times more calls than the same ad using a numeric number.  (Response Marketing Group,1999, USA.)


  • Instantly develop a national presence
  • One easy to remember PhoneWord for all locations
  • Increases advertising efficiencies
    (one contact PhoneWord for all advertising and promotions)
  • Helps build brand loyalty
    (everytime someone dials your PhoneWord, they’re dialling your business name or brand name)
  • Helps your brand stand out amongst your competitors
    (no need for your customer to “look you up” in the phone directory or on the Internet where you are surrounded by your competitors)
  • Improves access to sales and customer service departments
    (In fact, the average phone order can be 30% to 70% higher than the average mail, e-mail or Internet order).