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  • tv 5.5X more calls

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Roy Morgan Research is one of Australia’s leading market research companies based in Melbourne, with an annual turnover of more than AU$40 million.

Roy Morgan Research revealed in a 2016 study that:

  • 94% of Australians are aware of Phone Words and the concept of alpha numeric dialling
  • Phone Word usage has more than doubled since 2006


D&M Research are an Australian based research company who have worked with organisations such as Red Bull, Woolworths and various Governments.

In their 2008 research paper, D&M Research found that:

  • Word of mouth advertising had the highest Phone Word recall at 93%
  • 87% of 1200 people surveyed prefer Phone Words over Phone numbers
  • Overall their research concluded that Phone Words were 5.5 times more memorable than Phone numbers